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Friday, August 9, 2013

A Sudden Burst of Colour

Reborn EP cover art

A Sudden Burst of Colour is a most excellent instrumental ambient group from Motherwell in Scotland. Their musical mastery takes on a unique form, from a band who seek to capture gentler and more powerful sounds without ever resorting to distortion, but instead pure vibes. A band with a regal attitude who unflinchingly craft regal soundscapes there is a lot to love in A Sudden Burst of Colours music. Their latest release Reborn is a continued testament to the unabasged greatness of a band who do not fear doing their own thing but instead use their iconoclastic attitude to craft something new and fresh, instrumental beauty for a new generation. While some might deride A Sudden Burst of Colour as beinga product of the shoegaze movement I feel like it's totally fine, simply because these guys know what they want to do and how to pull it off. It creates a fun and dynamic record that has a solemn beauty that can not be touched. If you're looking for a band who have the potential to be the next big thing in post rock then A Sudden Burst of Colour could very well be the group for you!

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