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Friday, August 9, 2013

Sail This Ship Alone

Coma cover art

Sail This Ship Alone are another group who have jumped on the ever growing bandwagon of hard hitting and violent hardcore with an extremely chaotic edge. Fresh and dangerous Sail This Ship Alone represent a band who seek to push the edges of what music can be. The wild and vicious sound of this band is very impressive and the huge drum roll in Weakest Link shows the crazy vicious energy that this band harnesses so well. The screams seem tortured and forced, adding a sort of pained element to the sound and creating a bit of a 'tortured artist' feel within the music. Yet their are still some interesting melodic parts to be had here and there that add flavor to the music and directly contrast the sheer punk brutality that characterizes so much of the music. If you are at all interested in hardcore then you need to check out their new record Coma it is a skull crushing monster of a record. In short, if you're looking for a band who understand what it is to create crude and destructive hardcore then search no more, Sail This Ship Alone seek to sail the ship of modern hardcore madness with you.

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