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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fear Theories-So It Begins

Well here is a rare treat indeed, a group who seamlessly fuse power metal madness with thrash metals raw aggression, getting something similar to modern Metallica but somehow so much more. With killer solos and powerful vocals Fear Theories burst out of the gate on their new release So It Begins a potential packed five song EP (Note that one of the tracks is in fact an intro). Few modern bands harness the controlled power of metal in the way that Fear Theories do, rather than neutering themselves they find a balance, that doesn't quite go for the throat but still feel dangerous.

Part of what makes this record so much fun is the catchy vocal hooks that give the band power. they are perhaps best scene on The Treasure of the Haunted Pirate which showcases the singers hypnotizing chant that characterizes so much of the music. I also really dig the shouted portions of songs like Blank, it gives the music a certain rawness and helps to keep things edgy and violent. Toss in some simply stellar songwriting and you start to realize that Fear Theories is truly a force to be reckoned with and a veritable metal force. With just a handful of songs these guys accomplish a lot and really crash on to the modern metal scene.

So if you're looking for hard hitting modern metal that respects the old masters then Fear Theories So It Begins is a record that you are going to want to check out. Dynamic and just a bit vicious Fear Theories have a wide potential fanbase for their own unique take on metal. With crunchy riffs and a ripped vocal attack the future seems bright for this young band. With a solid debut release under their belt the follow up release should be even better. I for one am very excited to see where this young Norwegian quartet bring their sound in the future!

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