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Friday, August 23, 2013

At Her Feet

At Her Feet is a really stellar alt rock band who I have been meaning to review for a couple of days now. The thing about this band is the way they seamlessly craft darker edges with a more polished overall sound that reaches out and touches the soul. Few alt rock bands can really have this slightly darker side, doubly impressive considering the wholly upbeat outer shell of the band. (Who like, among other things, free stuff and egg shakers). The one song that they currently have up on their Reverbnation profile is Unhinged, a veritable testament to the power that this kind of indie rock can have in the year 2013. The main highlight of At Her Feets sound is the stellar female vocals followed closely by the dynamic songwriting. In short, this is a punchy band with a bit of a bleaker side that helps to give their music breadth and beauty. If you want something that goes beyond your typical alt rock group then At Her Feet is the band for you!

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