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Friday, August 23, 2013

Vicolo Inferno

It is no secret that I have long thought the Italian hard rock scene to be one of the coolest and most dynamic in the world. Any time I get to check out a hard rock band from that country I'm always excited to see what will come up because it is nearly always great. Fortunately Vicolo Inferno is no exception to this with their high powered riffs and gritty vocals that show a band ready to charge through your town and burn down your house. Punchy and crunchy the fiery riffs of Vicolo Inferno will capture the heart of many a metalhead and hard rocker. Ther solos are quite spicy to, they are flashy and fun and add a certain lightheartedness to the music, giving an old school and beautiful power to their music. In short, if you're looking for a band who konw how to rock and who are not afraid to tell it lke it is then look no further, Vicolo Inferno is the group for you. Unwilling to tolerate pansies or posers these guys are cracking skulls and roaring onto stages near you, check them out!

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