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Friday, August 9, 2013

Atom Outcome

Teaser EP cover art
I have long said that pop punk reflects the magic of childhood. So shouldn't a pop punk band from my glorious hometown of West Chester PA especially reflect my own childhood? The answer is a glorious and resounding yes. The powerful tones of Atom Outcome show a band filled with beauty and promise, a group who understand the inherent beauty of pop punk and do not shy away from embracing it to its fullest. With bright melodic lines and fun riffs Atom Outcome just feel good to listen to, something about their music is just... right. Yet they are a bit more raw, perhaps a bit heavier than a lot of pop punk you might be used to, it gives them a distinct might that can't be messed with. A band who get the point of the genre and don't try to be to intelligent the music of Atom Outcome should not be underestimated. The product of four musicians seeking to emphasize the punk in pop punk I'm excited to hear how these guys develop in the future. If you live in the area be sure catch them at Fennario's tomorrow night with my old favorites Rollin' Loaded. (Sadly, I am in New York right now, so I'll miss 'em)

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