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Friday, August 9, 2013

Deals Death-Point Zero Solution

Deals Death is a powerful melodic death metal band from Gothenburg (because where else?) Their symphonic inspired brand of melodeath is ever interesting and filled with all sorts of powerful At the Gates styled fills. Yet the band puts in their own elements into this 11 track epic, a veritable testament to the enduring power that melodic death metal can have on a grizzled old metalhead like me. With powerful and lush songs the burning might of Deals Death is not to be trifled with, a band who know how to take the melodic approach to the next level their latest release Point Zero Solution is the best melodeath record of the year (So far)

What makes this band so interesting for me is their whole approach to riffing. Sure there are a lot of In Flames inspired moments, but they are heavily accented by huge keyboard parts, adding in dabs of Septicflesh. The whole symphonic death metal feel of some of these songs gives the record a much more intelligent feel. And anyway, it keeps things fresh, not nearly enough bands do stuff with Symphonic Death Metal these days. The whole epic feel is accentuated by long guitar lines that help to take the pieces to whole new levels and show the musicians soaring over all of their contemporaries. Perhaps the song that best depict this is Facing the Echoes with its most excellent keyboard part.

A record with tight riffing and a punchy attack that is fused with a much more bombastic side Point Zero Solution is just a blast to listen to and showcases a band in their prime, who after half a decade of hard works are reaping the benefits of their travails. Spinefarm have done good in signing these melodeath hopefuls, its about time that we uncovered this generations answer to the old melodic death metal lords. In sum, this is a band who are giving us new hope in a dark time and showing the world that one of the 90s greatest genres still has a lot of kick and their new record only proves the groups raw talent.

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