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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Booma is a unique electronic project from Egypt (Go contemporary African music!) that uses a lot of beautiful soundscapes and a generall progressive atmoshpere to create something unique and powerful, a record filled with rushing water, the twitter of birds and wonderful guitar and synth work. The guy who writes all of this is a master songwriter with songs that simply take you to another world on electronic wings. While all of his songs are truly excellent I think that my personal favorite is his instant classic Summer Came. In some strange way a lot of his music reminds me of the musical mastery of blackgaze bands like Alcest. To finish, if you're looking for an electronic project from a guy who is not afraid to do his own thing then Booma is the band for you. With a variety of unique and powerful sounds there is a lot of potential to be found in Booma's music. Unlike anything I have really heard before Booma provide a new perspective on a crowded electronic market, who can tell what the future will hold for this electronic music lord?

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  1. Thank you very much guys. You're far too kind.