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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Her Dying Regret-Legacy

Her Dying Regret is a cut above your average metalcore band, for one thing, their clean vocalist can actually sing, thus giving Her Dying Regret much more class than many of their competitors. Add in some stellar musicianship and a few gnarly breakdowns and you have yourself a band who should be followed closely as a group who could provide new hope for a miserable and broken down scene. With Legacy Her Dying Regret seek to prove their legitimacy and push their genre forward by adding all sorts of interesting elements into their metalcore base.

This bands extremely polished sound is a lot of fun to listen to and allows songs like the ultimate track, The Filthy Truth to flow perfectly as layers of guitars and vocals work together to create something unique and interesting. The thing is, this band is made up of guys who genuinely know how to play their instruments and craft a new type of more brutal metalcore that still uses clean vocals in a tasteful way. Rather than detracting from the music the clean vocals actually give it more power and help to keep things interesting, how many metalcore records can you say that about in 2013? In other words, Her Dying Regret have all their bases covered and should very much continue with their trademark sound. While it could be refined around the edges the basics are solid, and I can't really complain.

To finish, this record is the sort of album that every annoying metalcore band is trying to make. Most groups miss terribly, yet Her Dying Regret's At The Gates style riffing and precise Trivium inspired melodies are worth listening to multiple times as they show a band who is uniquely powerful, a group who genuinely know what they are doing and how to push the genre forward. Filled with modern elements but still capable of paying tribute to the founders of the genre Her Dying Regret are one of the few bands who give me hope fore the future of metalcore. Lets hope the next release can somehow match the magic of Legacy!

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