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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Foxes at Night

Oh that Emerald Isle, magic and filled with great bands. Today I'm coming at you with a band who are a little different from this sites standard metal fare. Today we have the beautiful acoustic indie rock magic of Foxes at Night a band who artfully combine male and female vocals to craft a unique sound that has a distinct tinge of the sound of Ireland. Their sound is natural and beautiful, a logical extension on the musicians themselves, coming across in a unique way, simply because it is so darned personal. Their stellar songwriting really propels this group to a new level, the way their tracks seemingly drive forward and take your mind away on a musical journey with their simple beauty is very impressive. Few of these modern ambient acoustic bands capture the sheer magic that seems so prevalent in the music of these Irish masters. So, if your looking for a band whose sound is earthy, none to complex and wholly enjoyable then search no more, the grounded tones of Foxes at Night are exactly the panacea you are looking for.

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