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Monday, August 5, 2013

Common Gods

Helveien cover art

Common Gods is a vicious death metal band who are very much in the demo stage of their existence with a powerful, yet unpolished sound that is rife with potential and reveals a group who are pulling at the reins and seek to take over the world. The riffs are simply colossal and often have a certain circle pit inducing might to them. Their song Severed Tongue is a great example of how good this bands riffs can be, it shows a bit of a groove metal side. Meanwhile, the touches of keyboard help to add flavor to some tracks and really keep things spicy. The production could be improved, but that is to be expected with a young up and coming death metal band.  Not afraid to deal with religion in their lyrics Common Gods take on big questions and right off the bat declare God to be evil. If your looking for a death metal band who will make you think, then this is definitely an act you are going to want to check out. As a whole these guys show a lot of promise and it should be a rare treat to see how they develop in the next couple months with more releases, and fans, on the horizon.

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