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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shorthand Phonetics

Self-Awareness is Fleeting cover art

Few bands really seek to seamlessly fuse a variety of genres together in a cohesive way, to create something fresh and new. The emo J pop mix that represents somethign fresh and new, pushing the boundaries of what alternative rock can be. At times bouncy, at others mournful there is a lot going on in Shorthand Phonetics music. The one thing holding these guys back is the lack of production, with a little tightening these guys could become veritable masters of their craft, as is they are putting out a few tentative feelers in an exciting new direction. In other words, I suggest that Shorthand Phonetics take some time to polish their music and really develop the unique side of their sound. Their is a lot of potential here and I do NOT want to see it go to waste because of hasty work. One of the most fresh, and unafraid bands I have heard in a while the development of this Indonesian act could be crucial to the very nature of indie music itself, I will be most disappointed if this band fails.

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