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Monday, August 12, 2013

Underwell-Plan Your Rebirth

The problem with a lot of modern post hardcore is that it feels a little self conscious, its kind of afraid of its roots and doesn't want people to look to deep into the sound. And frankly, that's because often there's not a lot going on. This is what makes the new release from Underwell such a relief. Plan Your Rebirth has punchy riffs and a great attack that, when fused with some very solid clean vocals (I know right?) creates a record that is powerful and a lot of fun to listen to, an album that shows the potential that post hardcore can really have, as a genre that appeals to all sorts of metalheads.

I think the three main selling points of this record are, the great riffs, the semi shouted vocals and the use of acoustic parts. The riffs simply add a lot of flavor to the music and put this group a cut above the competition, not a lot of bands can really argue with a group who can rip out the riffs Underwell do on songs like Bye Bye Black Bird. Meanwhile, from the vocal perspective, these half shouted half growled cries the lead singer belts out have a true metal magic. That is not to say the cleans or the growls are bad, they just could be polished. I for one would be very content with this record simply having the middling vocal style used throughout, even if the other styles do add a lot of flavor to the songs. I really love the acoustic bridges that some of these tracks feature, while they are (Rightfully) not centerpoints to the music they sure do keep things spicy.

In conclusion, if you're looking for some post hardcore that might change how you feel about the gnere then look no more. The masters over at Wormhole Death have proved their competence once again by signing one of the more promising post hardcore acts to be found in a nauseatingly large scene. With their varied and crushing sound their is a lot of cool stuff going on here that few of Underwell's contemporaries can match. With Plan Your Rebirth Underwell show off the chops as well as where they could improve. Very much worth multiple listens for the crazy riffs alone this could very well be the record that changes many a metalheads view on post hardcore.

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