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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dipped in Gold

Overland cover art

Today I bring you a review of the latest from the ever potent Mike McClatchey (Whose music I have previously reviewed) An ambient rock band influenced by desolation and hopelessness their is an eminent beauty in the work of Dipped in Gold, while this may not be the kind of thing that you are used to hearing, their is in fact a lot to dig in this bands music as it ebbs and flows through your ear drums and shows the power that this groups very own brand of Desert Rock can bring you. An entirely instrumental project the sheer quality of the songwriting found throughout this record is impressive and tracks like The Road never leave you bored, but instead begging for more of this ambient rock deliverance. To finish, if you're looking for a band made up of guys who are doing something a little different and are extremely passionate about it then this is a group you're going to want to check out. With epic and powerful compositions filled with an incredible beauty I'm excited to here how Dipped in Gold develop in the future.

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