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Friday, August 16, 2013


Now here is an interesting band, a group who fuse thrash and power metal with touches of the blackened forests of the north. Definitely something you don't get every day, and also certainly something you're going to want to check out. The thing about Dissensions sound is that they are so tight, so powerful, so unabashedly METAL even the hoariest metalhead will have to genuflect in honor of the groups impressive force. The riffs are excellent because on one side they have thrash metals aggression but at the same time there is the sheer listenable quality of power metal. Then, on top of all of that their are the esoteric bits of black metal magic which really serve to differentiate Dissension from the pack. A vibrant and powerful band it seems like this groups star is rapidly rising with their debut album Of Time And Chronic Disease coming out September 10th. So if you're at all into any of the above three genres, you need to check these guys out, with a bit of something for everyone, (and some simply evil vocals to garnish it with) I can see Dissension going far.

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