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Friday, August 16, 2013

Horseback-A Plague of Knowing

If you're anything like me then you've been a long time Horseback fan. Something about this guys strange music, which fails to ascribe to any real 'school' of metal is just magical, I mean, how can you characterize a group who fuse drone with blues and everything between? And yet, I am by no means a collector, so when I heard about A Plague of Knowing a new release from Horseback featuring live recordings are rarities I was ecstatic, 23 new tracks from one of the most innovative artists on the scene? Yes please!

Part of what I love so much about this record is how it is a veritable tour de force of the bands strengths. It shows off all of the great things about Horseback from pretty much every year of its existence (as far as I can tell at least). Even people who are new to the band should be able to enjoy a lot of the music on here, assuming of course they can handle the sheer esoteric madness that embodies so many of these songs.­ Listening to this record is a sort of general reminder of the sheer virtuosity of Jenks Miller and the glorious music that he can create. And come on, 23 tracks? Thats a LOT of very good music!

In conclusion, this record saves fans like me time and money trying to fulfill our fix for Horseback. While there aren't really any 'new' tracks there are almost certainly songs you haven't heard before, and if you have at least A Plague of Knowing unites them all in the same place. For new fans, be assured, Horseback is one of the most unique and simply impressive bands out there today, this record won't leave you disappointed but instead begging for more. Partially done to celebrate five years of the projects existence I can only say, lets raise the horns to fifty more!

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