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Friday, August 16, 2013

Gyre-Second Circle

Second Circle cover art

Now, a lot of people say clean vocals don't have a place in extreme music, and on some level I guess I see where they are coming from. Then I hear a record like this, Second Circle by Gyre is one of the most inspiring pieces of metal I have heard in a long while just because of the excellent way the cleans and growls are fused to create a cohesive and beautiful whole. Toss in some excellent riffs (these guys definitely have a distinct riff style to say the least) with a lot of huge bass lines and you start to realize the potential that Gyre has to shape the future of metal.

Here's what I'm really trying to say, Gyre approach metal in a way few other bands even dare. Their whole riff style is very unique and strangely addictive. It all contributes to the bands knack for creating beautiful swirling masterpieces that will capture your heart and drown you in their musical magic. And somehow, Gyre's very unique approach works perfectly with blended cleans and growls. None of this fits in the circle of 'mainstream metal' yet it could appeal to many a metalhead. In this way Gyre remind me of contemporary metal lords Anciients. I get the clear impression that both bands have the same general idea in mind and will end up shaping metal in this decade.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an interesting record from one of the bands who could very well come to dominate metal in the 10's then search no more. The beautiful and mysterious sounds of Second Circle should capture your heart. A band who are not afraid to be different and who embrace a sound that is wholly their own these guys are doing somethign exciting in the world of metal. Best of all, there are very, very, few acts out there who are really achieving the same results as Gyre in their music, it should lead to some fascinating developments in the metal scene in the next few years.

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