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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seventh Veil


Here's something to consider, or just completely throw away, we are currently seeing a revival of the spirit of glam, and not in bands like Steel Panther but groups who seek to modernize the sound and concepts of the Sunset Strip. Seventh Veil are one such band and their sleazy brand of hard hitting rock and roll is not to be ignored, with ripping chords, big choruses and a great glam metal attitude there is a lot to dig in the edgy and intentionally crude sound of Seventh Veil. One of my favorite parts about this Italian combo is their marvelous riffing style, while it is of course heavily influenced by groups like Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks there is something of a modern hard rock sensibility in their which adds a lot of flavor to songs like Slimy Snake and helps to differentiate the band from a crowded scene. All in all, these guys are extremely tight but also very sleazy and simply impressive. Riding on the wings of massive choruses and crazed guitar solos there is a lot to love with the roaring sound of Seventh Veil. Watch out before they come and burn your town down!

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