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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Now HERE is a death metal band who get it right. With a beautifully violent face tearing sound this female fronted combo know how to make punchy modern death metal that will crush your skull and beat you to your knees. The thing about this band is that undilluted heaviness yet mix in a touches of At the Gates more refined sound  into the mix. It helps to keep things hooky and interesting. The cruel remonstratons of the groups singe help to provide an unholy verneer onto the twisted death metal mastery of the band. The groups attack is wholly unforgiving, the way they charge forward into battle is both unique and promising, it leaves the listener at their knees begging for more from a band who seem poised to take over the death metal world. In short, if you're looking for some spicy and dynamic death metal that very much respects the confines of the genre while still sounding fresh and exciting then Izegrim is definitely the band for you! Seeing them Sunday at Le Klub should definitely be a blast!

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