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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tom Lawton

So now we move on from the jagged metal fields and into something more majestic, something that is beautiful in its simplicity. Here is a man who makes glorious folk music all on his lonesome. The solo guitar and vocal prothalmions he crafts are simply excellent. While not afraid to embrace pop hooks there is a certain earthiness to the sound that can not be put into words. Sure, this might not be my cup of tea but the sheer humanity of Tom Lawton's music is excellent, it provides something fresh and elegant in the world of over produced and often dull and drab pop music. I'd also like to point out that Tom Lawton is overall a pretty excellent musician who knows how to craft some very simple and catchy chord progressions. The end result of this is a veritable massage for the ears as you fall into the glorious and soul touching music of Tom Lawton. While maybe not standard metal fare if you can respect a great musician and solid songwriting then Tom Lawton is someone you're going to want to check out!

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