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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Prophajnt is a power metal band from Brazil who have melodic riffs and a wonderful frontwoman who work in conjunction to create tasty and explosive music. The groups debut EP A New Beginning is a testament to the majesty that the Brazilian scene can have. One cool thing to note about this band is that unlike a lot of their countrymen's metal groups their sound is exceedingly polished and refined to an extreme. Obviously, this being power metal, this is an excellent thing. I especially like the cascading keyboard lines that adorn the bridge of Escape From the Fire, they represent all of the shining magic of this groups music. Their singer is simply excellent, her voice is simply magical at times, this girl can really belt it out! In short, with their powerful riffs that are distinctively hooky and high flying female vocals there is a lot to latch on to with Prohpajnts music. Exciting and dynamic the future looks bright for these Porto Alegre metal upstarts!

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