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Thursday, September 5, 2013



Albatross is a nifty bluesy hard rock band who in many ways remind me of bands like Led Zeppelin in the way they are not afraid to mix light and dark. Their modern hard rock elements add in a taste of Altar Bridge to their heavier parts and the sheer groove is at best reminiscent of Black Sabbath. Their is a certain vibe here that is just magic, the bluesy acoustic playing that gives the music a great old school classic rock feel and the roaring pentatonic solos. While the band could use another member to fill out the sound (Some parts do sound a bit 'empty') Albatross's music is still exciting and dynamic showcasing a band who know what they want to do and more importantly how to do it. I especially like the drum lines, the cowbell playing on Smoke and Mirrors really captured my heart. The slide guitar parts add a certain earthy quality to the music that few other bands can emulate and with a more full sound the group might be able to get down and gritty. In short, one of the most exciting bands to come out of Ontario in a long while (See, there CAN be Canadians who rock!) the future seems bright for Albatross!

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