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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tyrants Blood-Into the Kingdom of Graves

So these last few days we've seen a couple great bands who are pushing the boundaries of their music with experimental elements. But whatever happened to good old face ripping ear destroying technical death metal from the abyss? Dubbing themselves an 'extreme speed metal' act these Canadians are a Morbid Angel for the 21st century, a band who have the power to become a commercial force with their bonecrushing riffs and unabashed dedication to all that is unholy and heavy. Into the Kingdom of Graves is what death metal is about ladies and gentlement (probably mostly gentlemen) and THIS is a band who are bringing it to a whole new level.

The thing about Tyrants Blood is that they never let up the attack, their grinding blaze burns into your skull with the might of a thousand charging rhinos, unwilling to be forgotten, only getting heavier with time. The sole respite you get is in the very rare acoustic/ambient break which only serves to counterpoint the neverending darkness that Into the Kingdom of Graves unabashedly pumps into your ears at a million miles an hour. The riffs are exceedingly technical and considering the ridiculous speed at which they are executed even the most hardened technical death metal purist will have to acknowledge that Tyrants Blood may very well be the new Suffocation. 

In conclusion, Into the Kingdom of Graves is a most triumphant third release from Canadas new death metal masters. (See, they're not all bad!) I'm excited to hear how Tyrants Bloods sound develops in the future the members certainly have tons of potential to create even more of their trademark jarring and bone grinding riffs. Tyrants Blood have really come into their own and this album and I hope that they only continue their sheer death metal madness on subsequent releases (And please PLEASE come to Europe!). So, before my bones fully turn to dust I will leave you with this, could an album with cover art that awesome suck? Think about it.

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