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Friday, September 6, 2013

Pitch Black Mentality-The Pitch Black Reality

Now HERE is a thrash metal debut for the ages, fresh and exciting here is an album that bring somethign new to thrash with a more melodic approach that still reeks of Testament and Anthrax. An album made by virtuoso musicians for thrashers across the globe these Norwegians have crafted for themselves an unholy driving sound that will pummel your brains into dust as they ride the storm of your heart. The Pitch Black Reality embodies all that is great in thrash in 2013 and then gives it some unique aggression of its own, what's not too love?

Here's what will really get you about The Pitch Black Reality, the melodic attack, not just in the instruments but also in the vocals. With the guitars there are all sorts of melodic lines that add a lot of flavor the music, it makes songs like the ultimate track Carve My Stone particularly enjoyable and shows off how much Pitch Black Mentality are capable of. The clean singing that is found throughout this record adds a lot of flavor to and definitely makes Pitch Black Mentality stand out. The way it is delivered is vaguely reminiscent of modern metalcore yet is done with so much more class and aplomb that I have to praise the unholy ministrations of this band. Toss in some great groovy guitar riffs and you have yourself something that will stick in your head for a long while.

In short, The Pitch Black Reality showcase a new kind of thrash, with touches of neothrash, but also something more, something greater Pitch Black Mentality have the potential to become one of the best bands of the 2010s. The way this band develops could very well be indicative of the future of thrash metal, a genre which is in a crucial changing point as we speak. Filled with mountains of groove and evil laughs the future is bright for a band who do not confine themselves to thrash's traditional paradigms. Who knows what the future will hold for these Norwegian metal lords?

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