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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


ALL HAIL BLACKENED DEATH METAL MOST GRIM! Or something like that... What I'm trying to say is Ancst is a band who truly understand the raw evil of black metal while simultaneously knowing how to mix in some of the fancier frills of the black metal genre. Their are esoteric parts for the pvre black metaller but also more aggressive and ear catching death metal bits which add a lot of flavor to the music. Rather than sounding like a hodgepodge the way Ancst builds up to its blackened death metal madness seems very natural. It flows properly, creating a sort of music of the soul, music that will reach out and show the listener the way to ascension. Considering these guys are not afraid to take a stand against fascism, sexism or religion there is certainly a lot of lyrical stuff you can get in to. In other words, Ancst seamlessly combine some of my favorite aspects of black metal to create something powerful, heavy, and wholly their own. The future should be huge for these potent warriors, men who fully grasp the power black metal can truly have!

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