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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Fear And A Failure To Act cover art

Hark, what's this? Another stellar black metal artist! Coming straight out of hell (or maybe just the South Coast) Galadh is an ear mashing black metal band who use a lot of esoteric elements to temper the ear drums in between blasts of blazing black metal fury ripped straight from the freezing north. With intelligent lyrics and some great songwriting Galadh is a pretty darn cool black metal act. The keyboard lines add a sort of epic Mortiis feel to the music and meanwhile the guitars are not afraid to add some Meshuggah influenced lines. (Yet never wholly djenty) In other words, Galadh create their own type of black metal, pretty 'out there' and not entirely for human consumption. Their abstract songs may be hard to initially engage in yet are definitely well worth it. Those of you who belong to the kvlt and seek out that which is dark and powerful then Galadh should readily appeal to you. Good things seem to be happening for this combo and they may very well be a band to watch in 2014.

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