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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Damn Dice-Wild 'n' Ready

Not a lot of people get glam metal right these days. They only parody the whole hedonistic rock and roll spirit that made bands like Motley Crue so good.  (Not that bands like Steel Panther aren’t good in their own right) These guys embrace the wilds of the road and the Hunter S Thompson inspired party hard life.  This is an album that falls right into the grooves of glam but adds in some tasty modern metal elements. Damn Dice’s new six song EP Wild 'n' Ready is a record showing that the true spirit of glam will never die and the vicious Hollywood parties will never die.

Wild 'n' Ready is special because of all of the hooks it provides, immediately grabbing the listener by the heart and soul, pulling them into fun high flying licks and then headbanging along to powerful verses. When the chorus comes around in my minds eye I can immediately see the entire crowd singing along to their anthemic chants.  Toss in some flashy guitar solos and you have the true spirit of the 80s roaring through the best of its times. All in all, there are some extremely tight performances on this record showing a band who have rehearsed, rehearsed and rehearsed some more yet still know how to fully embrace the rock and roll party.

To wrap it all up, Wild 'n' Ready  is a record that reaches out and embraces the party rocker in all of us. While the music may not be especially intelligent it sure is fun and these six tracks showcase a group who want to relive the 80s without parodying it. Yet nevertheless, the modern metal elements tossed in make this thing sound distinctly 21st century. In other words Damn Dice are bringing glam back to life in a way that is not a crude parody but instead a glorious prothalmion, a testament to the enduring power that the era MTW groomed.

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