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Sunday, September 22, 2013

As Gods

Now here is something fresh and exciting. As Gods are an interesting metal band who don't deal in any of the ideas of 'brutality' and 'speed' that most other acts might preoccupy themselves with. The thing is, As Gods are essentially a prog band, but they don't necessarily adhere to all of the prog genres maxims. More than that As Gods is a force, a group who don't follow any true rules and instead make music that is really just an extension to the soul, a reflection of the magic that progressive music can have. One of the biggest highlights of this band for me is the singers excellent delivery. He is quite the vocalist and really crafts some excellent melodies to base the songs around. Meanwhile the general songwriting is top notch and never leaves the listener bored but only begging for more. The heavy moments are well done and don't detract from the music but instead feel like they have an appropriate place in the songs. In other words, As Gods are one of the most unique and promising bands I have heard in a while, I can't wait to hear what they think of next!

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