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Monday, September 2, 2013


Sluuuuuudge metaaaaaaaal, and this band does it right! Another South American band for all you beautiful people today. Their crushing and evil sound is filled with the raw power of gods, marching slowly down into the crypt, slowly bleeding their victims dry. The slow crush of Asilo is one of the most painful things you will ever hear, it grinds your bones down to bread and then eats it before your very eyes. In other words, Asilo is pretty much the best sludge metal group to ever come from South America. (Admittedly there are not that many) So while there sound may not be for everyone those purists who CAN wrap their heads around the esoteric doom destruction of Asilo will be justly awarded. Folks who love bands like Thou will be able to appreciate that artsy heaviness that embodies Asilos sound. Few groups can really capture this type of mutated and beautiful evil yet Asilo do it perfectly. I for one hope that their gloriously heavy name may only rise ever higher in the metalsphere.

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