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Monday, September 2, 2013

Corporation of Consumption

Oh South American grindcore, how do I love you? Let me count the ways... Suffice to say Two Guys Metal Reviews is BACK and crushing skulls with the grindcore madness that makes their sound just so darn loveable. These guys will not only rip your throat out, they will carry it proudly in their mouths to show off their sheer violent glory. Few bands have this same level of barbarism in them these days. Suffice to say, this raw hatred is what makes their demo so much fun to listen too. A mere six songs Go to Die Killed is much too short, their is oodles of potential on Corporation of Consumptions sound and hearing how they develop their blasting mayhem will be a lot of fun to see. Hopefully these guys can get out a more full length record to the public so that people can really start to latch on and genuflect before the grindcore legend to be that is Corporation of Consumption. So go forth my smelly grind lovers, go forth and spread the good word of one of the most brutal bands of the year!

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