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Monday, September 2, 2013


Not a lot of modern metal bands trruly succeed in blending metal and hardcore, they go to far in one or the other direction, or simply get something in between. Then you have Snakecharger, a band who play off the two genres contrasts to get something interesting and explosive. In other words, Snakecharger have a wholly unique approach to the metal/hardcore genre and they are bringing this to a whole new level. With growls and shouted hardcore parts this contrast makes up a big part of their sound. It is perhaps best scene in tracks like Dark World. The riff style seems to be more on the metal edge but it is usually delivered with a hardcore simplicity and oodles of groove to keep things going in ther right direction. In conclusion, if you're looking for a band with some cool new ideas on how to fuse metal and hardcore Snakecharger could very well be the band for you. Once they get some real recordings down (they only have a couple of live videos at the moment) big things could happen for these guys. Seeing them at OpenWall Fest in Paris on the 28th should be a blast!

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  1. Mec ! ça fait plaisir d'avoir une appréciation comme celle ci !
    Bientôt du changement !

    JOE BORDU (snakecharger)