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Friday, September 20, 2013

beyond the Styx

Alas and alack! Another band who will be performing at the inaugural edition of Open Wall Fest! A deathcore band from the noble city of Tours in France beyond the Styx have been creating face shredding metal since 2010. Their approach to metal is interesting, fusing more mainstream elements with an attack that can not be ignored. Sure there are some cool melodies here but when this band gets a breakdown, stuff gets heavy. I especially like the growls, they have a lot of variety and give songs like Between Scylla and Charybdis a special flavor that keeps things interesting. The thing is, beyond the Styx know what they want to do and they do it very well. The melodic lines that characterize some of these tracks have their place, showing beyond the Styx not to be poser scum but interesting and very competent musicians who know precisely what needs doing. If you're looking for some deathcore that isn't afraid to chop you into little pieces then beyond the Styx is the band for you!

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