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Friday, September 20, 2013

Infectious Hate

You know what I love? Pure, undiluted death metal of the highest degree, music that not only has growls and high tempos but that also is unwilling to relent, but instead just rips your face off, inch by inch. This is exactly what Infectious Hate provide, hitting every note with a vengeance. Yet there is something more to be had here too, these guys are not afraid to add in the occasional melodic line, as scene in their Reverbnation track Alive. It adds a lot of interest to the Infectious Hate sound and drives the band to new extremes. In other words, this is a group who are not afraid to crush skulls in and who simultaneously love to use some nicer melodies to get the more casual fan involved. More than just a slam band Infectious Hate understand the pure hatred needed for great death metal and they embrace it gloriously. If you are looking for a triumphant, groovy, and technical death metal band to melt your ears as you go into your weekend then Infectious Hate is the band for you. They should be a blast to see on September 28th at Open Wall fest!

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