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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Big Guns

You can never have enough of the NWOBHM bands. A logical (And accurate) extension of this is that you can never have enough good time rock and roll. A band who does not mess with the esoteric magic that dominates modern metal, Big Guns go straight for the throat with piercing shrieks and fun guitar riffs. The solos are triumphant, they give songs like Devils Highway a certain swagger that many bands would kill to have. The groups singer is also excellent, his voice just soars, like a veritable eagle, swooping into your eardrums, tearing out your brain and holding you in thrall to that good old rock and roll music. If you want a band who get what it is to make heavy metal in its purest form then Big Guns is the group for you. This four piece understand the vibes, the passion and the sheer explosive rock and roll might  to be considered on the same level as a band like Judas Priest. While these guys may not yet be that good (if it were even possible to be that good) they are certainly getting there, and I for one think the future will be bright for Big Guns!

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