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Thursday, September 19, 2013


You know what is truly impressive to me? When a band can stay together for 20 years, at that point, they don't need to be super innovative, dynamic or anything, they are staples of their scene and deserve no small measure of respect. So what about when one of these bands releases a compilation record of their two previous releases based around one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century?  Well then you have Solitary and their new compilation The Ripper knows the Score a stunning testament to the bands years of hard work and dedication.

The thing is, this record was meant to be a gift to the fans of Solitary, long time or new, and honestly it very much succeeds. What these guys do so successfully is find the songs from their previous (and only) two albums that best represent who they are. Orient them around a common theme (The Yorkshire Ripper) and bob's your uncle, you have an explosive and interesting compilation record. And of course, for the uninitiated, Solitary are excellent death metal musicians. Their playing style is hectic and the solos insane. Their is a dedication to brutality here that can only come after years of pursuing the goal of being the best on the local scene.

In conclusion, this record does its job extremely well. On one level Solitary have created a fitting gift for their long time fans, why, some of the tracks have even been remastered! On an other level Solitary have created something that accurately reflects who they are and could very well attract new fans to one of Englands most classic metal bands. If you're looking for controversy, speed, and a total hatred for all of poser kind then Solitary is the band for you. If you want a record that fully represents who they are then look no further, The Ripper knows the Score summons up the very essence of this band!

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