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Friday, September 20, 2013

Price to Pay-Robbie Hill and The Blue 62's

Longtime readers know that I love me some blues, especially in the grand old chunk rock and roll style that made some of those early Led Zeppelin tracks so great. The thing about this record from Robbie Hill and the Blue 62’s is that this record is filled with passion and explosive bluesy music. Price to Pay isn’t just a blues record, on many levels its an embodiment of blues in 2013. Sure a lot of it seems to be rooted in the past but some of the more dramatic, jazzy fills show that there is a little more than originally meets the eye on Price to Pay.

What really sets this record apart for me is the solos. Sure there are a variety of blues techniques employed (to perfection I must say) and they make the songs unique, but it’s the solos that make it magical. The sheer excellence in musicianship broadcasted by these songs proves that Robbie Hill and the Blue 62’s are more than just a blues bar band. Any old bluesman can enjoy this record with all of its classic blues glory. At the same time, a newer fan might still find these songs enjoyable, the jazz fills provide flash and the song s are overall fairly relatable. Lyrically this record is classic blues, adding to the general BB King aura that can dominate a lot of the songs.

To finish, Price to Pay is already one of my favorite blues records of 2013. These guy s know how to make good blues and revel in every second of it. The end result is that Price to Pay comes across as passionate and triumphant, a record that proves that good old blues music will never die, no matter what the generations of detractors might say. A band that perfectly fuses old and new with a little bit of rock and roll for good measure the future seems bright for Robbie Hill and the Blue 62’s. I for one cannot wait for a new record from these blues magicians!

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