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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bizar Bazar

So now here we have a truly unique act. A band who fuse a plethora of different styles to create something majestic and powerful Bizar Bazar get how to make unique rock music and they are doing it on their very own terms. This is a band who are bringing something fresh and explosive to the world of hard rock and reveling in every second of it. Their is a certain crazed atmosphere that dominates this music, that makes songs like Big Party take on some sort of demonic otherworldly feel that dramatically alters the entire nature of the music. Something about Bizar Bazar seems inherently dark and evil and takes things to a whole new level. The way these guys succeed in crafting powerful, touching, and somehow fundamentally wrong soundscapes is great. The chthonic evil found within this groups music is impressive and should appeal to many a fan. Grim, evil and inherently listenable the future seems bright for Bizar Bazar, I for one am very excited to hear how these guys develop!

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