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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Homage To The Tube cover art

Now, I have made it no secret that I love drone doom, in all of its abstract goodness the colossal soundscapes it provides are just a dream come true for me. (Of course as I type this my family is giving me odd stares) Burden knows how to do drone doom right, this one man project from Suffolk might not appeal to more typical fans but for an Invisible Oranges nerd like I am, this stuff is the bomb. Their is a certain abstract magic here that can not be put into words. Yet the best part is that Burden does not limit himself to drone doom, he also creates folk music and even throat singing (Come on, how many drone artists even THINK about that) What would be really cool is if he could figure out a way to really fuse his interests into one release. As a whole though Burden is clearly an excellent musician and though he may be highly experimental at times if you've got the guts then go for it, I certainly dig it. Lets hope that one day Burden can transcend even this glorious music and create an experimental metal epic for the ages!

Listen to the magic on Bandcamp!

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