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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cellador-Honor Forth

The problem with a lot of modern power metal is that it lacks testosterone, sure its melodic and fun, but where is the METAL in it? Fortunately today we have Cellador whose 2011 Honor Forth showcases a band who not only have high flying vocals and great punchy riffs but also a powerful bottom end that gives their music a certain rapid speed metal quality and ferocity that can not be ignored. Seamlessly fusing light with dark Cellador have made a name for themselves as veritable power metal masters in the past and it looks like Honor Forth is just another release in this vein.

What I love about this record is all of the glorious squirrely fills that add flavor to the songs, it showcases the sheer skill of the musicians. Yet, more than that it also gives the band a certain despair, it makes their music seem like it is the groups last chance to redeem themselves, it makes everything so much more poignant. The flashiness lends a certain Hammerfall like quality to the music, because no matter how fiddly it gets their is always an overarching melody that the musicians will ebb back into. I'd also like to make a point about the vocals, this groups singer Chris Petersen is one of the best power metal vocalists in this generation of heavy metal music, he really takes the sound to a whole new level.

In other words, Cellador are one of the most impressive young power metal bands to come out of America in years and possibly the best to ever come out of Colorado. So, if you want a band whose music soars and flies reaching new heights will simultaneously respecting all of the heaviness that metal needs to have then Cellador is the group for you. Tightly polished and strangely heavy its easy to latch on to the magic of Cellador. I for one can think of no one better to be opening up for metal legends Helloween when they play their gig on October 2.

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