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Sunday, September 8, 2013



A band with tons of blast beats, low production quality and a hatred for society? A band who recorded a song called Suffer the Chicken? Sign me up! I'm glad to say F.I.S.T. are every inch as good as they appear at first sight. Their roaring guitar attack and neverending waves of oh so metal distortion will never falter as they stampede in their way to shameless victory. This is a death metallers death metal band, a group who does not shy away from making some of the most ridiculously bone crushing and ingloriously heavy music that I have ever heard come out of the nebulous ooze that is the Paris metal scene. Their is a certain unchecked aggression here that shows the true desperation of F.I.S.T. the raw violence that is only hinted at in their name becomes frighteningly apparent when you hit play. My only real complaint about this band is that they have very little content up, yet I can look forward to them blasting out a 30 minute set at La Bouée in three weeks, so hopefully I can really get into the magic that makes this band then.

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