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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Icon of Destruction

Now, I am well aware these last few days I have been praising melodeath. But one thing melodeath is lacking is sheer brutality, the raw heaviness that makes metal, well, metal. Icon of Destruction are part of a small new wave of bands who seek to create something truly brutal with their own brand of melodeath. A large part of the sheer heaviness of Icon of Destruction comes from their destructive vocals, ripped from the throat from a man who seems to embody death metal. Their heaviness is one of Icon Of Destructions finest trademarks. Toss in some truly powerful keyboard lines and you have a record that reaches out, grabs the listener by the throat, and then serenades them with some of the most interesting melodies to come out of the French scene in a while. In other words, Icon Of Destruction understand the importance of balancing sheer brutality with melody and they have made an art out of it. Hearing their development should be an exciting prospect and seeing them live on September 28th for OpenWall Fest will be a pleasure!

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