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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dark Revenge

Dark Revenge

Oh Russian death metal, how I love you, with your precise chords and arpeggiated licks that simply melt my face off every time, there is so much to enjoy. Dark Revenge is just another group in this great tradition, with flashy riffs and epic song structures these guys are easy to fall in love with. Toss in some very intelligent lyrics that deal with some of the issues of society its easy to connect with Dark Revenge. The group does not shy away from tossing in some melodic death metal style piano or guitar hooks to get the listener engaged and honestly, it works, I can't really complain about Dark Revenge's unique attack and how they use it to blast their way into your skull. I think my favorite part though is the symphonic trappings that the keyboard freely adds to songs like Death. It makes the band seem greater and more powerful, pushing their music to a new level on their epic quest for something more. With a new single out now called Catastrophic off their 2013 EP Atlantis Prime the future should be bright for these metal masters!

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