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Monday, September 2, 2013


Few things command more immediate respect than pure face melting technical death metal. These precise German masters 'get' how to make tech death that is not only topped off with beautiful chops but also has some hooks that you can really latch on to and then rock out with. The way this bands incredible guitar lines intertwine make for quite the death metal record from a band who are bringing something fresh to an extremely crowded and heartless scene. Their is something gloriously triumphant and majestic about this record that suggests Symbolic will soon become legends in their lifetimes.

Let me be straight with you, this band does not seek to hide behind their chops, their is no Rings of Saturn like facade here to make you feel 'brutal'. Symbolic are unapologetic and while maybe not always the heaviest (although definitely not acoustic) the breakneck riffing on tracks like The Greed show a band who do not shy from adding touches of melodeath to their sound. (Actually, some might argue there is a lot of melodic death metal in their sound.) Really, these guys could be at the head of a new wave of hyper technical melodeath bands that use powerful hooks and mind melting solos not just to show off how good they are but to engage the listener on a personal level. (Generic third generation techdeath bands pay attention to that last bit)

In conclusion, this is a new type of tech death record. An album that shows that technical death metal isn't just about how fast you play, but instead getting people to turn around and actually LISTENING to you and really engaging with the music. Suffice to say, on Scarvest Symbolic show tons of potential and their development should be thrilling and dynamic. If they can continue to build up their sound as they did between this record and their previous release (Which came out all of 7 years ago!) these guys should soon be taking heads at a venue near you!

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