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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Here’s the thing, most death metal these days completely fails at adding in clean vocals when it wants to. It seems tacky, overwrought and at worst it’s just whiny. So when a band comes along who GET how to make death metal with touches of beautiful female vocals then obviously there is something to get excited about.  That’s probably why I find the music of Lurking, one of the latest and greatest French metal bands to be especially thrilling. Their werewolf inspired debut record, the ominously entitled Betrayed is a symbol of what the genre can be.

Overall the songwriting is pretty interesting with lots of powerful riffs and some truly righteous solos. Yet the true highlight of this record is the way the vocals intertwine. Not just the female vocals either (as incredible as they may be), the use of two growlers can add a lot of meat to the songs and keep the tracks exciting and face melting. There are some nice hooks here to, musical and vocal. There are nice little touches of melodeath to keep the listener engaged and obviously this groups beast of a frontwoman knows how to catch your ear every time. These vocal elements help to keep this groups debut dynamic and engaging.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an album that brings a new side to death metal then Betrayed is the album for you. The way the parts on this album work together to create something special is not the sort of thing metal critics get to hear every day. This werewolf themed group has a pretty unique approach and the potential they have is impressive, especially considering the stellar production characterizing the album. With some polishing of the songwriting these guys could be the next French metal lords. Seeing them again at OpenWall Fest on September 28th should be a most excellent occasion.

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