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Friday, September 6, 2013

Sliding of Frequency

Alas, alack, another band who will be at OpenWall fest in September, this time we have the intelligent modern metal of Sliding Of Frequency, a band who fuse harsh death metal with some more mainstream elements to get something powerful and unique. No death metal band would use their lighter fills, but no mainstream band would get as heavy as these guys, these guys walk on a fine line and create something wholly their own, and all the more beautiful because of it. How many bands properly fuse the heavy stuff with some more attractive licks and fills? not a lot. These guys know exactly what they want to do, and while their execution may need some polishing they're definitely getting there, suffice to say the future seems bright for these guys. If they can get a chance to inject some more money into their music and start to develop their main ideas further these guys could be legends. Seeing them live should be very fun, I'm curious to see how their on stage energy will be ripped from a recording as fierce as theirs!

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