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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Honeycomb Love

Honeycomb Love

Now you guys know that I love me some Motorhead, and consequently, I love every band who seeks to follow in their footsteps. Honeycomb Love is no exception, their high powered, hard hitting rock and roll sound is glorious and powerful. These guys play with a crazed rock and roll energy that simply permeates everything they do. This is the kind of band who could go far, just from raw energy. Their new single Run For Your Money, is just a testament to how great his band can be and the music video is pretty excellent too. One thing to note about these guys is that even if they play some fun maximum rock and roll they are still very tight, when you listen to their live recordings its clear that their is no chance of this band falling apart at the seams. Professional and turned up to 11 the future seems bright for Honeycomb Love. I'm excited that they have the opportunity to play with Sister Sin in a couple of weeks with a little luck it will bring Honeycomb Love to a new era of triumph!

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