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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Keira Mount Keira

So here's something I didn't entirely expect to see at Openwall fest, experimental rock that transcends the borders of what the genre can be and brings in new and exciting elements to create something dynamic, powerful, and wholly new. The way their songs intertwine create something that isn't heavy at all perse, but the sheer musical brilliance can not be denied. It feels natural and flowing, as if modern rock suddenly grew up and got a brain. The experimental parts add a lot of flavor to the songs and make some of the tracks feel like they are teetering on the edge of chaos, yet the musicians of Keira Mount Keira manage to control the madness and bring their music to a whole new level of rock and roll insanity. If you are looking for something that provides a look beyond the common limits of modern rock then Keira Mount Keira is the band for you, these guys are not afraid to do what they want and I get the feeling that seeing them live on September 28th will be a very exciting and stimulating experience!

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