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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gladiators Eat Fire

Shapeshifter cover art

Well then, here is another gloriously esoteric release from the abyss for you good metal people to enjoy. I bring you Gladiators Eat Fire a psychedelic hardcore group recently signed to Seattles Alive & Breathing records. What these guys do is especially interesting considering the way their vocals intertwine with the guitar parts. The thing is Gladiators eat fire have some pretty great Sabbath inspired stoner metal riffs. But then toss in the soaring vocals that ride along on top with no respect for time or meter and you have something special, a band who play by their own rules and consequently become truly free. The pounds of groove that decorate their new single Shapeshifter are truly impressive, I love the way it cascades across the eardrums, a prothalmion for the soul. Gladiators Eat Fire find a sort of unholy balance between Black Sabbath and something more uptempo like Sleep. Suffice to say, I'm excited to hear more material for them, if Alive  & Breathing do their job right Gladiators Eat Fire could very well be the next big thing on the stoner metal scene in Cascadia.

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