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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Liquid Steel

Who said the NWOBHM is dead? Welp, whoever did is very, VERY wrong as evidenced by Liquid Steel and their new, face melting Scream demo. A beast of a record that showcases a band obsessed with Iron Maiden there is a lot to love about the precise and fun attack of Liquid Steel. Here is a group that knows how to rock and fills their sound with all sorts of pick scrapes and exciting guitar attacks. The guitar solos are wonderfully flashy too, they have lots of explosive twists and turns which add a lot of flavor to the songs. Yet this band doesn't just rock, songs like Echoes of War show the group has a more somber side and is capable of writing longer ballads. One important thing to note about this group is that their singer can really rip it, while he may not be Dickinson he still has an incredible set of pipes that are truly worthy to front the magic attack of Liquid Steel. To finish, Liquid Steel is a band who relish their chunky riffs and glorious guitarmonies, something pretty much every metaller can relate to, considering their great singer and overall tight instrumentalists these guys could very well go far.

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