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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Matthew Mole

Well here's something you don't see me do often, review a band who could quite realistically top the charts. Already a hero in his home country of South Africa Matthew Mole provides a fresh and fun re-imagining of pop music in a way that is reminiscent to the work of Ed Sheeran and the Lumineers. The thing about this guy is that his music is just so pure. There is no filth or lies in his music, it just is a beautiful and unique whole that does not seek to shock anyone but just to be. Matthew Mole create simple but elegant soundscapes with a pretty distinctive folk/electronica approach that many standard pop or indie fans could easily enjoy. The sheer simplicity of songs like You and Your Crown is beautiful and showcases the sheer songwriting talent that Matthew Mole seems to have. While this may not be my cup of tea, I can very easily see why people would dig into it, it's hooky, calm and elegant. So if you're looking for a cool new pop act who bring something fresh to the genre with a squeaky clean sound and some interesting melodies then Matthew Mole is something you're going to want to check out!

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